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Aug 07 2011

Teacher in-service week

This week, I got to meet the rest of the staff. They all seem nice! Early in the week I had a few professional development sessions. I also had meetings with all of the rest of the 7th grade teachers. I started getting my room set up. I also was taught how to use more…

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Jul 29 2011

New Teacher Orientation

Earlier this week, all of the new teachers in my district went to a district-wide new teacher orientation. We heard from a bunch of administrators, board members, the local Chamber of Commerce president, and a keynote speaker. All of the new math teachers also got to meet with the district math curriculum person. Most of…

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Jul 22 2011

T minus 2 weeks!

Round 0 ended this week (this was the 4-day TFA session designed to get us ready for school to start–in two weeks!). Overall, it went pretty well. Among other things, I got to meet my TFA MTLD (Manager of Teacher Leadership Development–basically my TFA boss) and the rest of my math teaching cohort. They all…

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Jul 17 2011

Round 0

Institute is over. I’m definitely way better at teaching than I was before I started institute, but I still don’t feel as prepared as I could be for the year to start. The last week of institute, students were taking their standardized tests, so I didn’t really get to teach much that week. Between this…

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Jun 26 2011

First update!

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post an update sooner! I have been in Atlanta for almost a month now. The first week (“induction”) was spent with the other incoming Atlanta corps members (300 people!) learning about the achievement gap in Atlanta and getting an opportunity to start to know each other and the…

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